Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Ok, so I've been here in Sydney,Australia attending the Hillsong Conference with some of the Campus Pastor for the last few days and all I can say is "WOW". This has been one of the most amazing trips of my life. I haven't been out of the country much and I don't attend many conference's but I don't believe that can get much better than this.
We started out by attending church at the Hillsong church on Sunday both morning and evening. There are several words to describe this church. Here are a few of them that come to mind: Humble, excellence, 5 star, genuine, real, joyful, authentic faith but most of all Servants. What you have ever seen on a Hillsong dvd is not just what happens on a dvd, it's what happens every time they meet for service. There is no doubt about their love for the Lord as well as their love for people. I believe that God has blessed them so much because of their passion for His presence and His people. I am so thankful to Pastor Dino for allowing me to be a part of this and for allowing me to be a part of Healing Place Church. I am also thankful that I am a part of one of the greatest staff's on the planet! I am a blessed man in sooooo many ways! May the name of Jesus be exalted!

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I took this pic of my son last Friday while he was helping us with our widows lawn care. We cut about 20 yards each week of some of the widows in our community. It's really a cool ministry & these precious ladies really appretiate it.

My son really wanted to help & I wasn't about to put a weed eater in his hands so I put this blower on him. He did good for a while but end the end the blower was workin him more than he was workin the blower. It was really funny watch him every time he would hit the gas to see the blower almost blow him away. He thought it was kinda fun as well.

Here's a thought I had. After about the 8th yard he came to me and just looked at me and I asked him if he wanted me to take over. He simply nodded his head and handed the blower over. I wonder after thinking about that incident how many times God looks at us and waits for us to come to HIM and say "I can't do this anymore. Can I give this to you?"

What weight are you carrying? What battle are you fighting? What is it that you are trying to do in your own strength and God is watching you and waiting on you to simply go to HIM and say "I'm tired of trying to do this on my own and I am ready to give this over to you."

You know I am better equipped to carry that blower around. I am big enough to push it around and not let it push me around. In the same light God is better equipped to handle your problems, circumstances & fight than you are. HE is big enough to push your problems around. What are you waiting for? Why continue to wear yourself out when HE is waiting for you to simply walk over to HIM and say "Can you take this off of me? I can't do this anymore."

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Monday, April 20, 2009


Ok so I've been on a reading kick lately. I love my Word but I have never been one to just devour books left and right but for whatever reason I have been reading more than normal. Started off with a book by Craig Groeschel entitled "it". Great book! Now I've been reading a book by Francis Chan entitled "Crazy Love". This book is challenging me like never before. I am being dealt with in just about every area of my life! I mean it is really exposing some areas that I have left unattended in my christian walk. It has been such an eye opener that I have subscribed to Francis Chans pod cast. If you get a chance grab you a copy and let God speak to you in a strong way!
After this book I can't wait to get started on a copy of SERVOLUTIN by our very own Pastor Dino Rizzo!

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