Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Ok, so I've been here in Sydney,Australia attending the Hillsong Conference with some of the Campus Pastor for the last few days and all I can say is "WOW". This has been one of the most amazing trips of my life. I haven't been out of the country much and I don't attend many conference's but I don't believe that can get much better than this.
We started out by attending church at the Hillsong church on Sunday both morning and evening. There are several words to describe this church. Here are a few of them that come to mind: Humble, excellence, 5 star, genuine, real, joyful, authentic faith but most of all Servants. What you have ever seen on a Hillsong dvd is not just what happens on a dvd, it's what happens every time they meet for service. There is no doubt about their love for the Lord as well as their love for people. I believe that God has blessed them so much because of their passion for His presence and His people. I am so thankful to Pastor Dino for allowing me to be a part of this and for allowing me to be a part of Healing Place Church. I am also thankful that I am a part of one of the greatest staff's on the planet! I am a blessed man in sooooo many ways! May the name of Jesus be exalted!

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